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набираю студентов )

Приглашаю Вас провести последний месяц лета с пользой- выучите английский!

За этот месяц Вы гарантировано заговорите и станете понимать, что Вам говорят в ответ!

Формат занятий: 4 человека, 3 раза в неделю по 1.5 часа. Уютная и прохладная атмосфера в самом центре города. Понедельник-среда-пятница с 9.00 до 10.30
Такой формат выбран не случайно. 4 человека это достаточно мало, чтобы я могла уделить внимание каждому и в то же время у Вас есть возможность общаться внутри группы.
Три раза в неделю достаточно интенсивно, но оставляет время на другие занятия
Полтора часа это тот промежуток, которого достаточно для изучения материала, но не слишком много чтобы устать или заскучать.

Стоимость: 1500 гривен.
При оплате до 20 июля: 1350 гривен
Сюда входят все материалы курса и прохладительные напитки во время занятия.
Дополнительные бонусы: 2 билета в английский киноклуб, стоимостью 50 гривен каждый - для учеников группы в подарок!
и если Вы решите продолжить занятия в частном порядке, Вас ждет скидка в 20% на первые два часа!
подробнее http://www.movieclub.in.ua/p/blog-page_28.html или 098 685 2426
интересная модель: чтобы попасть на бесплатный семинар его необходимо популяризировать в своей социальной сети ))) надо взять на заметку. 
в общем крайняя необходимость вернула меня в давно забытый жж, может теперь на долго?? 


я хочу замуж и растить детей. заботиться о муже и жить простыми радостями
я хочу чтобы меня любили, ценили и заботились
я хочу чтобы это все соединялось в одном человеке
я хочу перестать нести ответственность за всех и вся в моей жизни. как мнимую так и настоящую
я хочу чтобы за меня начали нести ответственность
я хочу чтобы все гос и прочие органы оставили мою маленькую компанию в покое и дали мне заниматься до того столь интересным и захватывающим бизнесом
я хочу чтобы у меня было достаточно денег, чтобы о них не задумываться
я хочу чтобы при этом всем я оставалась здоровой, красивой и счастливой, гармоничной и интересной личностью



ok, i've got a phone call yesterday, from a number not in my address book:
hi, how are you, do you remember me?
sure enough, i had to say - no :)
then he keep on saying his name that is pretty generic. with a nice smile i reply - still cannot place you, sorry, just when i was about to ask for some hint guy hung up on me!

it took me some 5 minutes more to dig in my memories and i did find him. we've met over a party in february - like 5 months ago, had a small chat and exchanged phone numbers, no i gave him mine, never actually noting down his. we never talked over the phone (not that i remember anyway :) and i was completely wasted that night. first and only one in my life.

so, expecting me to remember him is way too much to ask.

well, after i did remember him, i've called back to ask what do i owe the pleasure after such a long time, but he actually picked up and dropped my call!

...and they say it's us, girl, who are illogical :)


first month done

please forgive me all typing and contextual mistakes - i've just had a half bottle of wine on a completely empty stomach :)
meaning i didn't really eat all day and my dinner is still on the stow, while wine has happily subdued whatever it was supposed to subdue and i'm happy in need to share some "wisdom" around :)

so, it's been a month and 2 days that i'm off any food majoring in carbohydrates and sweets. it's going fine, mainly, major change coming through my head.
but what i came to realise only today is that my head really stopped caring about me eating. meaning, like today i hardly had breakfast, didn't have any lunch and had wine for a dinner and my head is not prompting me that i'm hungry and need to eat as it always did.

my major trouble was in my head, not belly, always hugry and looking for something tasty to eat. now it's silent, supposedly busy with other things and it's only my body taking care for what and when i feel like eating...

but! the thing is - it's been a month after such a dramatic change, which would cause anybody else lose some 4-5 kg at least, my result is only 1!!!! can you imagine?!

i'm in the gym 3-6 times a week, eating 1/2 of my normal amount and it's only 1 kg i've lost.

however, i feel hopeful - i've had my first real pms just two days ago after i got off those unti-pregnancy pills back in march, so my body must be finally off their charm and gaining weight as well, so next months should bring more results :D
anyhow, i still don't feel like eating sweets, only ice-cream...


dieting... or eating habits

dieting sucks. once you're on a diet all i can think - things i'm not allowed to eat. once i'm off the diet i can't stop eating them and all supposed-to-happen effect of the diet is even worse then before this horror :)
i'm not a dieting girl, i've tried 1.5 times in my life... but have seen enough on people around.
what truly works for weight or health or any other issues we might have is changing eating habits. i'm doing my second attempt now :) today is exactly 15 days since i haven't had a drop of bread, pie, croissant or any other baked / sweet thing. the only sin i've left myself is ice-cream ;)
i've been in these shoes before and then it lasted for a few months. now i hope for a more permanent commitment and result!

so i have to admit that simply dropping of some things from my menu is not that hard. specially when my body and finally brain decided i don't really need them for a well being. filling in the gap - that's the tough part. i mean i need to eat something! and for sure going hungry is not helping the cause. but what should i eat instead? right now i'm high on all kind of fruits, but soon it won't be enough. i need "normal" warm food. but cannot come up with enough of suitable solutions...

the hardest part however is morning! i love coffee... a day is not a day if i don't start with big cup of this great drink. and here's the catch - i can't drink coffee on it's own. it must come with a snack. like a croissant. but, i don't it that anymore. i've been trying cheese. works well. but doesn't last long. 30 minutes and i'm hungry again. can't eat eggs - used to be perfect solution. just make me sick only thinking of the eggs white... don't like muesli and sort of. once in 2 weeks my top. there's no chance for full meal - no time / desire for cooking... yogurt is nice, but doesn't go with coffee :) i used to make cheese pancakes - go great and with no fat cheese are a great starter. but seriously, can i eat them 365 days a year? :) even half of that is too much...

frankly, i can easily go by during the day. but morning and coffee are the toughest part of it all. i need to find a solution and quick :)



i'm in the wrong place in the wrong time. this travel was something i'd rather not happen at all. while i definitely needed to be back home, i needn't be here at all... and now i'm lost in the place i don't want to be. i'm lost in my own emotions and have no way of expressing them. or living through them. i'm spending too little time on my own as my friend needs my attention i'm still not capable of giving. and there's no chance for getting energy from the sea and sun as sun's hiding and the sea is so dirty i can't get in...

i guess this is as close to a depression as it could get...


ready to give it up?

sometimes i think too much. and while there's hardly anything else here to do but think i'm looking through the situation over and over again. pffffff, what a vacation i'm having!

so, for the most part i'm considering two issues. what exactly to i feel towards the guy and is there anything i could do to make things better?

i'm very much undecided about whether he's the man i need and what my feelings are. but i'm absolutely confident that i, me personally wasted a great chance for having something beautiful between us. despite some weird behaviour from him and even weirder response from my side i think we were doing very fine and now i miss his company, jokes and stories...

on the other hand his facebook act shocked meso much that i feel like really doing something, not to leave him with this whatever wrong impression of me he's got. but then, woudn't it be best to leave him alone, give him some space to think and get over with whatever emotions he might be having? ...

one thing for certain. it is time for me to get professional help with my communication issues . if i could talk to people we'd never end up here in the first place...


wondering aloud

ok, things are getting more and more weird. tonight i've mailed a male friend of mine to ask for help. the thing is - he unfriended me on FB! and this, out of all things shocked me the most! true, i was considering this myself for a while, but then decided to go the adult way and leave it as it is. in the worst case i could always "hide" him. and tonight browsing through pictures of the event i've just left i noticed a strange thing and realised we're not friends there anymore! he clearly did it after my last letter of apology and this is a sign that it obviously didn't help.

now i'm thinking of justifying myself once again. but then i think he needs his space. but if i leave things as they are, won't he just switch to actually hating me? he is a great guy and would not like to end up this way. i do care for him and hate to think that i could have really hurt him in the slightest bit with my words. i'd rather that he was too disappointed in me...


where did it all go so wrong?!

we started off so nicely. he was pleased to see me, i was happy to see him. he was clearly interested, me in response to his interest - as well. we spent a lot of time together, talking, laughing, getting to know each other… and then something went terribly wrong.

he took interest in other girl. i took desperate measures to hold to him…. result - he's neither with her, but neither with me.

now i'm not talking to him and he's avoiding me. after tonight's attempt to make things better, if not right, it's clear i've freaked him out too much and no hope for fixing it.

so what did i do? afraid of talking i've send him a letter and this was my first mistake. these things never work out in writing. then after his reply, which was completely unclear and just pissed me off i've ignored him all day. and then came the party, where we started pretty fine - he even reached for a kiss. and again. out of the blue put me on ignore list and switched to her… i got furious and for the first time veer in my life - which i make a mental promise never-ever to repeat again - told him i hate him! unbelievable! and i didn't stop there. i've send him another mail saying how much i hate him and it hurts. well, at least i was not demanding him to drop her or to come to me - didn't get that insane :)

i'm never, really never let people know i'm unhappy with them. for the most part i just forget them and move on. but sometimes i was wondering, wouldn't it make me feel better, if i actually let them know. now i know - it doesn't. and it does make things worse and much more complicated.

tonight i've tried to start a conversation with him, to clear things up and apologize. but he almost run off from me! and here i had to admit that my battle is over. i've lost a good friend and a chance for a romance.

sure, i'll recover. sure i'll get wiser out of this one. again and again. i'm learning my mistakes. just to make all the new ones when time comes.

and it hurts. it hurts like hell. and i'm tired of this pain, loneliness and need to recover. again and again…



it's been a long time since i've felt so miserable and in pain... there's a reason i close myself and don't let them in. to avoid this ripping, suffocating, eye watering pain of rejection.
this time i've been inattentive. trusted the signs and words and let myself fall for him. truly. and somehow he's decided to go for her instead of me.  and now i'm trapped here watching a happy couple while needing to maintain smiles and happy appearances. all i need is to curl in my bed crying out loud. pain, pain, pain go away! i want to return to my state of blissful unattached singleness... 


 Все что вы хотели спросить и узнать о том, как и куда поехать самостоятельно... 
любые организационные вопросы и задачи... 
теперь Вы можете легко и с удовольствием провести свое лето по своему сценарию!!! 
с моей небольшой помощью и поддержкой :) 

милости прошу в гости 

happy and proud to present :D

 today is the day! we're in business. my dear and long awaited baby has arrived. already alive and very kicking, ready to make people around happy and laundry free ;) www.pralnia.kiev.ua  


moving up

this day has come: my personal site is up and running and i'm moving my business realated blog there. from now on this oen becomes just a personal notes on my life and all around it :) thanks for reading and if it was interesting enough, you can keep on following here


things are becoming real!

i'm sitting now in my brand new office, using internet that was installed here yesterday, while the cleaning lady is removing all the ancient dust around the place.

just some 30 minutes ago 75% of the equipment was delivered, even though it cost me a lot of nerves, i managed to find most of the things i've chosen. still two pieces of the puzzle are missing, one was taken out of production and the other have no idea what happened to... actually, i was pretty lucky, as three shops i've placed an order told me they don't have what i need and i've started calling. finally i've found the desired piece actually significantly cheaper then any other offer before. the difference covers the price of a microwave, which is a big plus :)

now so much anticipated week-end is hours away and i have to force myself into it. after the initial shock of spending so much money in one go is over i feel energetic and motivated into making thing work ASAP! but the truth is, i do need to re-focus and relax, so i will channel my motivation for french, piano and presentation for the conference.

from the funny things today i've been digging out snow from our porch. mountains of snow that collected there over the winter and it was not as hard as you could imagine, but still, my shoulders will let me know all they think of today's exercise tomorrow :D it turned out that our official entrance is very thin and it's impossible to bring in anything wider then 40 cm! who on earth was building that? so great we have another door...

next week will be fun. i'll start working with our accountant, planning document flow, discussing and amending the receipts and choosing a bank, finally. then as we had a site meeting today and now i know how to modify it, we'll start adjusting some texts, post the promo campaign and make it really alive! and of course people will start coming in. inviting for interviews, offering jobs...
and there's so much social life to be. pilobolus will be in town, conference on women in business (hopefully) and office warming party for us :)

have a great week-end all of you who are reading this by any chance :))

ready! steady! go..?

the week is almost over. one day to go that will not make a drastic difference on goals achievement.

to sum it up we've got clear shot on one out of four. we've got an office and started settling in - equipment will be in tomorrow. furniture some time next week. cleaning lady is coming in tomorrow as well, to make it all look fine and shining...

for the people hiring, my fault, i didn't have any time/energy/brain work left to sit and draft those messages for us to go to print. and i really need to get to that. maybe tomorrow, while waiting for deliveries...

nothing happened on becoming legal. i didn't even had a chance of meeting a friend who promised to help. only found a phone of a lady who might help with "incorporating". what a waste!

for the printing and production. well, what i really needed is to understand those miles and hours of work that need to be completed before we can actually print anything. and i'm very much further on this way then i was on sunday. nothing is still ready for production, but we've made a list of printing houses, what shell be printed and what can wait till we get some cashflow and business. and the most important part - i've got to formulating our message and channels of communication with people :) today was a very productive meeting with a friend of mine, she's helped me with clearing the direction, just in 10 minutes discussion!
i've got the price list ready and even designed the receipt. well, designed, but it's no use for printing, it'll need to be done using professional software. i just know i every tiny detail how it should look like and what info should be where. now we only need to finalise with the lawyers with the terms and conditions. this one is piece of work, have to tell. this is one of the most important things for us and... even finding all the legislation is a trouble. all those state standards we are supposed to use are not available publicly, you need to dig for them, pay money and only after many efforts i've got them in my hands. tomorrow will pass it on...

didn't hear anything on the contract break off and was in no mood to check myself... needs to be done tomorrow.

i'm soooooooooooo tired. i hope it'll pass over the week-end and monday will be a fresh start. i was so much looking forward to this action part. and now it's here, but it took me so much energy to get it, that now i'm not fit for further actions. today i was even questioning my initial motivation! and wanted to drop everything and go home to sleep...


cold feet...

this day is like a roller-coaster. one minute i'm flying high next i'm deep hitting the ground. and this all almost unrelated to the outside world. i'd like to say it's a girls' thing, but i'm on pills that keep me safe from this playground :) but anyhow...

i've made it to french which made me happy. it turned out that even with no practice for the last two weeks i'm still reading as good as average student in our group. probably they don't practice too much either. then i've had a meeting on the premises. contract signing, to be exact. and first part of it was so awkward! because as i realised only too late the realtor now dealing with my contract break off and the realtor helping me with the new ones are sitting not only in one office, but in one room! and before going for a meeting i've had a conversation on how tough it's going to be on getting all my money back and the head of the department was actually trying to convince me to stay there. but the awkward part is not in this. it's in a thing i did. or didn't - i didn't tell the truth on what exactly will be in the office. it's hard to explain properly what we do and what kind of equipment we use, whenever i tried i head no sooner then i had a chance to explain myself. so i started telling that we have an advertising company. apart from some minor issues all profile for the office - no visitors, quiet, responsible and so on is the same, but still... anyway, i took the risk and ready to face the consequences. probably. so, when i arrived for the meeting today i was facing a full disclosure too early in the day, but it was not meant to be that way. the owner mixed up the meeting place and we had to rush over to her, which i was very happy about :) i had to cover myself with a hood and a scarf looking down not to be noticed / recognised by the first realtor who was sitting just next to the door!
that is one of the reasons i prefer truth. seriously, all this trouble not to get caught. inventing new stories to cover up the first ones... remembering it all on top of things! bah...
this and that now i'm a happy owner of the only set of keys to our new premises - ready to move in a use :) i've covered each and every wall, measured them and had a close look. planning was done yesterday, now i'm adjusting it according to the real size of objects and not my imagination :)

i've mobilised my friends of various issues i need to solve. looking for advise, creative input and experience really helps. but what helps most - sincere support and happiness for me being on my way! i'm so grateful for them being in my life!

and now i'm back home, happily browsing web-sites selecting the equipment we need both for service and for the office and i can't make myself press "order". there's no way back since a long time. and for sure not after i've paid a big bunch of money for the place. again. and now it's around double amount of what was spent today and probably it's too much for today. tomorrow i shell be more confident.

probably, it's normal to get cold feet once you're so close to your goal and the risk is only growing stronger. i'm spending a lot of money having no 100% guarantee i will get them back. soon. enough.

i am confident in myself, my ideas and my business prospects. but that's usually. tonight i'm giving myself a chance to get scared a bit...


is my field for improvement, and today i had to practice it... first i've called to reject one of the places i've seen. for the rest of them i didn't call, even when promised :( but here i stood by my words. then i've initiated the process of contract breakage for the current or rather past premises. i've had a detailed conversation with the realtor, turned out she perfectly knew this building is a monument, but didn't consider it important enough to mention to me! tried to put blame on me, but here i was prepared :) i think she got my message - in order to keep your commission get me out of the contract with all money returned. i do really hope i don't have to sue with the guys!

today was a price list day. i've all the prices for all our services and in all sort of occasions. i know how exactly the receipt should look like. all i need now is the guy or girl to layout it for the printing house. and the printing house itself :) we also started detailed work with the lawyer on the customer service guidelines, what we will be responsible and what not. ideally, i would really love to get an insurance to cover my responsibility for the clients, but with semi official status we're starting in drives this chance to zero... not to mention that most probably our insurance companies have never heard of such a thing and would not bother developing a program specially for me. though, sincerely hope i'm very mistaken here! we'll come back to this part in 6 month or so.

and about perfect customer service... i have a new carer for my mother. she's coming 3 times a week for cooking, cleaning and entertaining. yesterday was her second working day and they've decided to watch TV. something went wrong and they managed to push all the wrong buttons and it all stopped working. over the phone i couldn't help them and TV is not really a reason to drop everything and run for help. so we agreed, i come today and check it out. however, in the morning i've received a call from the lady, saying that she's taken her sun to my place and they already solved the issue, no need for me to come. and they did have to cross all city for this! totally amazing! this will be an example for my employees when talking of going a long way for customer satisfaction :)


planning and implementing

 day off did't go as off as planned. by approximately 10 in the evening i could't resist any longer and got to planning this week in details. usable for tracking and sharing with my assistant. we have 4 sets of goals that can be said as: get an office, start production, register and employ :) 

hopefully office will get settled in next couple of days. i've seen two premises today and both look good. one is cheaper and a bit more suitable in terms of location, but the other is also very-very good. now i'm waiting for the consent of the owner and ready to sign the deal. i actually asked what's the think of the higher price, turned out that previously the number of sq meters was not correct, so they had to adjust. anyways, i'm trying to bargain...  and the saturday offer remained unanswered... i wish them best of luck in their search :) 

production is the toughest part as here i need to think again. i need to word our message on recycling and for our advertising materials. what message? what purpose will they serve? where shell we distribute them? and most important - time to finalise the price list, as the receipts also need to get printed and it does take some time. who'll adjust the designs i've got? shell i commission the same guy or it's more convenient / cheaper to ask the designer from the printing house? 

important issue also getting finalised today  - legal transfer of the rights for the logo. i've been thinking about this, but didn't have the will to push the matter, thanks to my lawyer i've asked again and it went very smooth on signing the contract with the designer. so i'm having all the rights for my beautiful logo and all related elements. now it's time for the site design :) 

i have to admit that i'm constantly thinking. i'm actually sometimes having trouble with falling asleep because of too many thoughts in my head. this and that going in details here and there. planning the work flow, if the salary i'm offering is not too little (not in terms of the market offer, but in terms of living conditions), how shell i train personnel, what shell be the punishment strategy - i'm more or less clear with the benefits plan... phone, computer, internet, accounting... so many things to take care and to plan. o'm definitely in my element and enjoying, but i hardly have time and energy for anything else! french is already almost out of the picture :( i'm still waking up, but i'm not making it there... gym, thanks to my trainer is still high on the agenda, though visiting hours are not the best ones, now that there's not french before it. 

ah, i'm sending my assistant to a great training on wednesday, on goals setting and motivation. it's not something i was planning initially, but i've got the information about it taking place and with only 300 uah it's a great development tool for her :) at least i will know that in some places we do have same information and can operate the same approach. 

but the most important (after the office, surely) was that i've found one suitable for me bank that can enable my working with credit cards. now i know the proper term for it :D acquiring! installation of the system is free. for the customer it's free. i still have to dig into the matter to find out why exactly so little companies in ukraine offer this service... 

coping factor

this was a loooooong day :) started at 8.30 in the morning and not over yet at 1.54 am next day. yes, i'm backdating today, as this one still goes for saturday! 

i've been on a hunt for premises, two locations visited, two totally different approaches with still the same result. none. first one was very city center, close to metro and a very nice planning, convenient. but it's a 7th floor with bad elevator and living flats all around. might get nasty with us there. no. 100sq meters, perfect planning, looks like office, all is needed fresh paint for the walls. a bit too far to the metro, some 15-20 minutes slow walk, but the neighborhood itself is nice, new buildings all around, very heart of kyiv. but the owner is ukrainian style businessman. he saw two groups of people coming for a look and the price went up for 1000uah, which is more then 16% and with payment for electricity, water and all other households it goes to the amount i'm in no way ready to pay. so i've made them an offer based on the initial price and now they are thinking ( i suppose). but i'm not that interested anymore, frankly speaking. 

so i've restarted my search and found couple of other interesting options. for one i'm waiting for a confirmation call for having a look and for the other i'll call on monday. here's another example of making business = loosing money ukrainian way. this place i've seen month ago, on the same site where i've found my unfortunate deal. it's been the same price and i was considering it. and now i've found them still there with... price 1000uah higher. yes, that's the way. you cannot rent thing - take the price higher, that should make it :) 

i've also managed to get more thorough approach to the next week. i've set clear goals and steps for reaching them for myself and my PA. pencil and notebook still work miracles for me :) so, tomorrow i'm having an official day off. 

now, to the headliner! i've been to a curious event just now. it's a swing dance club meeting. i was invited by a male friend who was doing photo shoot there. we have a prolonged history of complicated communications and misunderstanding and this evening surely made a new chapter... i was totally out of my element. i knew only two people who were not in the crowd and had no desire whatsoever to meeting new people gathered there. we're operating in different worlds. exactly different. age, lifestyle, occupation... not better or worse, but different. like parallel realities. but at some point i've caught a thought in my mind like "they are all freaks" and something like how stupid, pathetic etc they are. and i know that actually i don't think about them that way. and i came to realise that this was my coping factor. i felt way uncomfortable, didn't actually enjoyed the happening and just wanted to go home. and my brain was looking for easy way out, starting on judging these people. as soon as i understood what's going on, i stopped and actually went home. but as this "judging" attitude happens to me only in a situations similar to todays, i assume that i've found one more interesting explanation not only to my behavior, but to many-many people around me. and as always in such cases, this fascinates me :) 

EQ part two

 i'm stressed now. seriously and with no clear prospect of getting it off. i can feel my shoulders being too high, reaching for my ears and muscles there are all tensed. i can give them a command to relax, but it lasts only as long as i think of it, meaning couple of secs. then things go back to where they were. i'm looking for a clear source of this and seem to find it, but on a logical level i don't really feel that's the one. probably it's a multitude of things and this one just pulled the trigger. 

so what's that? it's a fast and unpleasant reply i've got from one of the universities i've applied to. unsuccessful.  university college  london decided against me. within less then a month, while the results are supposed to be not earlier then mid april. this is very unpleasant, but: 
they were a back up
good to know already to look for further options
they were at the end of my list anyways
whenever i think of studies i see myself in Dublin. 
they don't know what they are missing out not taking me :) 

and still i feel uneasy and unhappy. and cannot really get my mind of things  - movies and books and even games don't help. i shell go to sleep and tomorrow will be a new day :) 


emotional intelligence or what's that stress?

i have a high EQ. i was never tested, but that's not about tests anyway. it's about living... so how do i know? probably because i'm always monitoring my emotions, know when to act on them and when not. there's a long list of proof, but one of the most interesting phenomena is not living on the emotions as they come, but observing them and looking for a reason that caused them. for example, i'm hardly ever reacting to my anger and frustration and even stress. first i'm looking for a reason and if the trigger is actually to be "blamed" and thus has to bear all might of my current frustration. as i can be really bad when angry, that saves a lot for people around and me as well in terms of embarrassment :) 

why here and now? today was a nice case :) i've arrived to the gym 30 minutes late coz of traffic just to find an annoying note on my box that i've missed my payment. which was done on wednesday. this really pissed me off. i almost ran to the receptionist to cry out how stupid they all are and i've paid, what kind of customer service is that and blah-blah. but then, surprised as i was with this outburst i've started thinking, girl, this sign cannot possibly make you that angry. not a chance. where's the true reason for this? and actually, i've decided that this sign was just one drop too much for that morning. and poor girl almost got it all for the winter, snow, trafic, missed french and still-not-found office. well, i allowed myself to be not nice to the girl bringing her that paper and pointing to the payment they've missed in the system, but she was friendly and helpful and it would have been really stupid of me to shout on her. not to mention that my trainer would be very surprised... but on the other hand, he's been pretending to try to drive me nuts for years now and still does not truly believe i can be mean. lucky guy :) 

so my point here is: please-please-please, next time before opening your mouth to shout crazy to that waiter for being 5 minutes late with your coffee or even more, to somebody dear to you, pause and think for a second, is it really them, or it's just one drop too many for your day? 

coming down to business, i've spend my day checking ads, calling and visiting places for office. still have to see couple of places tomorrow and keep my hopes high :)
i've also called the realtor for the premises i'm renting now to inform her on actions she needs to take about the contract, but she turned out to be ill, so i'm being nice moved the conversation till monday. i've developed a leaving strategy based on the legal advise. there is no way for working in that building. this is explicitly prohibited as this is an architectural monument and the fines are sky high, even for ukrainian standards. up to 25% of the income we get working there! and there's a criminal offense as well, but for bigger deeds. sanitary authorities are nowhere even close to this one! 

so, normally, i shell call back the agreement because they've hidden piece of crucial information from me and if going to court they are obliged to pay double of what i've given them. surely, who want's court. the realtor was supposed to check all the information about the building and back me up. she didn't  - her fault. but i want to keep relations with her - she might come in handy. and i don't want to deal with the owner, have more important things to do. so my plan is to make her get me out of this contract with all my money coming back, and for this i leave her out, not demanding a payback. 

back to the roots...

as usual, brain never sleep and morning brings the decision :) 
yesterday i went to sleep at around 10pm and today around 7.30 woke up with the solution. when did i get it all wrong and complicated??? i know that turning point. now i'm back to the start having my business concept back to it's roots. i'm going to start providing a service from some suitable office, working only with a delivery service for now. while the money will be accumulating and business growing we'll get all the right premises and permissions. meaning i don't see a point of wasting all the money and who knows how many months on dealing with unwilling authorities. and using my original plan we can start operating within a couple of weeks. 

full stop to my ambitious plan about over-expensive premises put one more look on legislation. i cannot use the same premises for any other activity, that is not directly related to the one in question. so my empire will have to grow elsewhere :) 

however, i have to admit that re-shaping and simplifying my requirement didn't make things any easier. i've been on the phone whole day and managed to get 4 interesting options, out of which 2 didn't call back with visiting time, one is most probably taken and one turned out... 

ok, the ad said 16sq.m 1 floor and a basement with 40 sq.m of space. the very city center and very competitive price for the location, meters and the owner is fine with whatever i do there. too good to be true? definitely! entrance was nice, 1 floor was bearable, but the basement... 40m = 20 meters of unusable corridor staffed with huge old fashioned safes  - no way to get them out, WC and 7 meters for a room. i wish them luck in selling this to somebody else. 

so, my perfect spot is still waiting for me out there and i'm sure we will meet pretty soon :) 


the smelliest day ever...

 today i hated my cat. i really was that close to killing her! she left a nice and smelly surprise on my handbag, which i felt only half way through french, once started suffocating... this is horrible. this smell is still in my nose. and i didn't have a chance to get home early to change the bag. had to poison even the changing box in the gym. ufff... 

so, turning to things that actually kept me busy from coming home where mostly looking for reassurance and advices from my friends. opinions are equally spread now. half for take it. half for drop it. closer look today proved that it's not as bad for the renovation part, but the usability of the basement is in question now. we couldn't reach it and the only entrance seems to be the whole in the floor of the main building. the best would be closing half of the space for a while and bringing it to shape little by little once money start coming in. regarding the renovation itself, plugs, doors, toilet and entrance are of major concern. probably could be done in two weeks. but the price is enormous... i can risk it only if i get 2 months off for renovations. 

i really-really am at loss. i do not know what to do here. 

on one hand i'm confident in my business idea and that i'll be successful. and that in 2-3 month this amount will be no trouble for me to cover. and i realise that the place is a blessing and a huge opportunity. i do know where i can get a back up money for a couple of months, but i absolutely do not want to drain all of my resources. 

on the other hand i tend to be emotional and not overly attentive to money and don't want to get a double burden and risk over myself. and again, what if i underestimate the complications of renovations related to major issues of water and gas... 


place or THE place?

 what can i say... i'm again at the point of complicated decision. i've seen the place today. and it is THE PLACE. it meets all the legislative criteria. it meets all of my criteria. it's half way through renovation. it provides big space for development. huge space i'd say. it's even in a different city district, so i don't have to go to that same sanitary lady again :)  
the tricky part is it he price and size. it turned out to be almost twice as big to what was advertised. and there's also a huge basement that comes together with the place. perfect you say, but it's double my budget. considering the size i could co-rent the basement and maybe even some part of the office space. that was the owners idea. that's an option. but considering the situation on the market, it's kind of risky... 

if i trust the numbers i've calculated yesterday, i shell be comfortable with this price in 1-2 months after we are up and running. but these numbers are based on my planning and targeting, not on anything that will definitely happen. all along the way i was trying to make this enterprise as risk and fool proof as i could. and this decision is way out of my comfort zone. 

however, on the plus side is that i'm still out of alternatives. taking into account all the requirements and needs... 

i don't know. i sincerely and truly do not know. 

by now i'm kind of decided that i should go for it, negotiating not the price, but that major parts of renovation, like heating, plumbing and roof will be deducted from the rental fee. they will stay with the place, i cannot take them with me in any case :) 

i didn't have a true week-end and keep on working on the project non stop for already 10 days. i'm looking my fresh eye and focus. it's time for a nice distraction. tomorrow i'll re-join my french, finally!